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List date: October 6, 2016

Anti-Aging & Beauty Products

Who is beauty?
Teenagers are so beautiful.  Usually we realize that, when we are far from being a teenager.  Nevertheless, do not worry, every woman can stay beautiful, just as the years go by, it takes increasingly more time and money.

What can I do to stay beautiful?
If you do not want to spend time and money to consult a professional "beauty specialist", here are some simple basic suggestions.  Use only those suggestions, which you feel, do a good job for you.  Try different variations, and whichever one works best, stay with that makeup.  You need to do it only once every few months.  It is worth the time, but if you do not have time, you can apply it safely, before and during Halloween, any results can be a winner, the nice, or funky.

What is the perfect makeup?
When people say and think that, "you are beautiful".  The right makeup, will emphasize your natural beauty.

The most important, is the hair.  It provides a frame for the face.  You need to find the best hair style for your face, and do not forget, the best shampoo type for your hair as well.

The next most important are the eyes, those are what people see, while you are talking, or when they pass you, and give you a smile.

Black eyelashes emphasize the eye, and look great on everyone, since our pupils are black.

Color depends the color of hair, skin, and the thickness of the eyebrows.  To emphasize the eye, they must be darker than the hair.  With black hair, use black.  Sometimes the black eyebrows give an older look, for this reason, it is worth the time, to find out, which color you need to use.  The permanent colors gave the most natural look, and need to be applied only once a month.

This colors works for most of the people:

Hair Color Eyebrows Color
Blond Brown
Brown Darker brown or Black
Grey Dark grey or black
White Dark grey or soft black
Black Black

Color must be in harmony with the color of your face, and clothes.  When you find the perfect color, for your lips, find a matching nail polish color.  If your teeth not as white as you would like, darker lip color, can compensate for it.

Choose a color, which is close to your original face color.  Can be some darker or lighter or a different shade, but make sure, that there is not too much difference.  The color must be consistent on the whole face.  Before you apply the powder, cover any spots, with a thick "cover make-up".  The color must be the same as your face color.
Use as light a makeup as possible.  The skin on your face needs to "breathe" and take in oxygen through the pores.  It is true that a light make-up can protect the skin from polluted air, but too much make-up can clog the pores.

Health and Beauty
Besides using "beauty products" your health and personality, can enhance your sense of well-being and let your inner beauty to shine from inside to outside.

It is a significant thing: the beauty comes from inside.  There are two things, which you can control: one is our personality, which changes the outside picture, and the other is taking good care of our health.

Who is beautiful?  Nice, loving persons are beautiful all the time.  Our heart changes the picture, what our eyes see.  Please do not be discourage, if you are not the best looking in your own mirror, if you are a nice person, people see you as a beautiful one.

Food (vitamins, and nutrition), water, air, exercise

Make sure you eat healthy food, with enough vitamins and nutrition in it.  I know that, it is easy to say, eat food, which is "healthy" for you.  Unfortunately, the foods that we love often have too much sugar, or fat, neither of which is good for your health, and not enough protein, or vitamins, which is beneficial to your health.  If you are addicted to "junk food", you could compensate it, if you take vitamin pills, and protein.  Anti-oxidants are also extremely important, to remove toxins from the body.  People, who are addicted to drugs, the anti-oxidants helps to remove it from the body and for most of the people, helps to reduce it.

The clean drinking water is most important.  You can use filter for the tap water, or you can even double filter it (like I do) one filter is under the sink, and one filter top on the sink attached to the faucet.  If you cannot add a filter under the sink, you can definitely can add one to the top of the sink, and for second filter, use a "pitcher with filter".  In this way, I get excellent water with no chlorine taste whatsoever. 

Clean air 
We check our food, and our water under a microscope, but usually, we use only magnifying glass, to check the quality of the air, that we breathe in approximately 16+ times every minute.  It differs in every household, how many times need to refresh the air.  Change the air, as often, as needed or as much as possible.

The daily exercise is so important, at least 10-20 minutes, when every muscular get a good stretch.  It build a nice looking body, and promote the health.


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